My Fine Art practise is centered on my concerns with coastal erosion and rising sea levels, specifically the wild Atlantic coastline of North Devon. The ceaseless cycle of the natural elements, the effect of climate change on the coastline embeds itself in my making both physically and emotionally. The process of layering, tearing and building with the clay creates a visceral response in me which is both immediate and meditative. Celebrating imperfection and impermanence, searching for liminal spaces while reflecting on my concerns with ecological fragility. Feeling the need to connect with nature when the world often feels disconnected.
Part of my practise is to take some of my work to the coast, using film to record my performative interactions with the unfired clay in the landscape.Trying to capture place, space and time and the energy of the moment. The physicality of the coastline embeds itself in the clay, layering a new narrative. This has included filming with the sea, offering a deliberate exchange, returning some days later to see if anything has come back, sometimes it has transformed, ‘a gift from the sea’.
I take this work back to the studio and fire it completing this alchemical exchange.